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The QMENTA AI Reader is an advanced cloud-based system for neuroimages and all related data with state-of-the-art data management, analysis and visualization capabilities.

QMENTA AI Reader was created to help investigators and doctors worldwide to aggregate and analyze thousands of imaging records all in one place.

Our aim is to provide a cloud-based platform for experts, hospitals, research centers, and pharmaceutical companies to help optimize and accelerate their neuroimaging workflows.

How it works

Our clients upload their data (DICOM, NIfTI, etc.) to QMENTA AI Reader via easy drag & drop. All the data is automatically anonymized inside of the client’s firewall before entering the cloud are pre-processed and standardized for further analysis. Widely used proprietary, open-source, and licenced pipelines are then selected to analyze these neuroimages and extract quantified information on the brain.

All data can be visualized in 2D or 3D (and touchless) using our visualization app. Both data and results can be easily shared between specialists through the cloud for enhanced collaboration. Advanced statistics can be run on the data to discover trends and outliers in the dataset.

Data Management

Our cloud infrastructure facilitates efficient data and project management by allowing investigators and doctors to combine data from various sources and sites in the same place with easy query and search functionality along with integrated visualisation tools.

Data Analysis

All the data on QMENTA AI Reader can be analyzed with one-click using state-of-the art pipelines on the cloud, eliminating hassles dealing with scripts, version control, reproducibility and many other complications, saving valuable time and resources.

These customizable and flexible pipelines enable investigators to extract valuable, quantitative information from medical images.

Our analytics support the discovery of new biomarkers for diagnostics by allowing investigators to easily explore correlations between changes in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. This facilitates early and accurate diagnosis for neurological diseases and improves patient selection for clinical trials.


QMENTA AI Reader is integrated with a unique desktop app including:

  • Multi-modal data visualization
  • Combined 2D/3D slice views
  • Interactive 3D view of tractography streamlines
  • ROI management for tractography filtering
  • 3D volume rendering of cortical and sub-cortical structures

Data Privacy and Security

All data is safely stored in compliance with HIPAA and Title 21 CFR Part 11. The privacy of patients’ private health information (PHI) is respected at all times with automated de-identification as well as end-to-end encryption.

Cost Savings

Our cloud infrastructure optimizes the total cost of ownership for your IT infrastructure by eliminating the need to heavily invest in computing resources at the beginning of the project and allows you to quickly scale the capacity of your account according to your usage.


QMENTA solutions fill a significant unmet need for all researchers and clinicians working with imaging. In imaging studies from patients with Multiple Sclerosis, their solution for obtaining the brain connectome, quantifying brain damage and relating it with clinical scores is outstanding, and it is going to solve many clinically relevant questions. In addition, I envision QMENTA's solutions are going to be extremely useful in clinical practice and for conducting clinical trials developing new drugs for MS

Pablo Villoslada Diaz, MD, PhDSenior Researcher IDIBAPS; Founder & Scientific Advisor Bionure; Adjunct Professor UCSF

My lab has been working with QMENTA primarily for developing a new treatment for Down syndrome using MRI at pre-clinical validation with mice models. Their platform is necessary to accelerate the discoveries in the field and will have a very large impact. The platform that they provide is a great tool for data management and processing. It is very flexible and efficient, providing quick answers to our research questions. We feel very comfortable and satisfied to work with the team, given their scientific approach that turns their product as a partner, rather than just a tool.

Mara Dierssen, MD, PhDSystems Biology Program at a large center for genomics investigations

This technology changes dramatically the way we understand these diseases, and help us determine which parts of the brain are not working properly. We are using these quantification tools to detect easier which brain regions are damaged and help us find better and personalized treatments for our patients.

Angels García-Cazorla, MD, PhDHospital Sant Joan de Déu

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