Project Management Intern


Project Overview

Healthcare AI is a fast-paced and innovative sector that requires agile-work, innovation, and smart decision-making, while at the same time ensuring the highest standards of compliance and security. A successful tech startup must have simple yet effective communication channels in place to synchronize engineering and business departments as well as good documentation and organizational repositories in place. The aim of this internship is to support the work of our technical account managers, help maintain effective and dynamic communication across departments and maintain and improve upon QMENTA organizational systems. During the course of this project, you will learn about project management within a science-oriented research and development team and become familiar with the latest organizational, collaborative and documentation tools most tech companies use. You will understand the background of sophisticated medical image processing techniques and cloud software development, while developing a strong sense of working with an engineering team developing state of the art technology in a growing startup environment.


Dr. David Moreno-Dominguez, Neuroimaging Team Lead

Dr. Matt Rowe, Neuroimaging Technical Lead

Goals / Deliverables
  • Develop effective communication channels between business & engineering sides
  • Observe all technical account manager communications with clients and partners
    • Keep and organize minutes of calls and to-dos/follow-ups for the engineering team
  • Maintain an overview of internal research & development and client projects
    • Understand progress status in each project from both business and engineering perspectives as well as priorities and resources
  • Organize and maintain internal documentation & file documentation structures regarding the client, partner, and internal projects
  • Contribute to compliance procedures
    • Help with communication and documentation of the compliance procedures
    • Maintain communication between business and engineering, ensuring the development team is updated on incoming work and that the business team is informed of development progress and share the most up to date information
    • Keep track of versions and procedures

6 to 9 months

Desired Skills
  • Excellent command of English
  • Very good organizational skills
  • Very good communication skills
  • BSc or MSc in Engineering, Natural Sciences, or similar
Bonus Skills
  • Experience with project management
  • Experience or passion to work in a tech startup environment with a strong R&D team
  • Degree or experience in biomedical engineering
  • Coding skills (e.g. Python, Matlab, etc.)

To apply for this position, please send a short cover email with your CV to