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QMENTA provides R&D customers with a flexible pricing model where you pay for the resources you use.

QMENTA’s platform infrastructure allows you to be flexible, save time and resources while accelerating your R&D processes.

Our infinite scalable hybrid cloud provides unique computing power.

Secure Platform

Data integrity and quality assured at all times following rigorous internal frameworks and HIPAA regulations.

Fast & Accurate

Validated and widely used algorithms – proprietary, licensed and open sourced – at your service.

Limitless Power via Cloud

No local IT infrastructure necessary. Unlimited scalability with storage, servers and analytics all-in-one.

Customizable Access Control

Ability to assign various permission levels for collaborative multi-site projects.

Prioritized Machines

Effective allocation of resources with the ability to roll up machines according to your needs.

Data Auditability

Traceable and consistent analytics for reliable and reproducible results.

What are analysis credits?

Every subscription to QMENTA Cloud product includes a certain amount of analysis credits. Each analysis you run will spend one credit. Additional credit packages are also available, allowing projects to scale quickly.

What happens if I don’t use all the analysis credits in one month?

Each analysis credit is valid for 6 months, so if you don’t use them that month, they will continue to the next months.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept different forms of payment, PayPal, wire transfer or others.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel?

You can cancel your paid subscription at anytime. After canceling, you can keep using QMENTA Platform by switching to the free plan, which has limited capabilities.

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