Make the most out of medical imaging extracting valuable information that will give you an objective foundation for your treatment and diagnosis.

Tumor segmentation


It is a very time-consuming and cumbersome process to manually analyze brain scans to find a specific pathology, e.g. measuring tumors or lesion volume and count. Delivering this information in an understandable & easy way for the doctor is also a challenge. For instance, manual tumor segmentation can often take up to 10 expert-hours.

Treatment selection

Treatment selection & decision-making

Currently, the decision-making for treatment selection is done subjectively in many cases and is based on clinical signs and trial-and-error, often taking months, even years. (1) This can lead to delays in effective treatment while time and resources are wasted and recovery is prolonged. (2,3)

Imaging in brain disease diagnostic

Diagnostic & prognosis accuracy

The use of imaging in brain disease diagnostic and prognosis is subject to human interpretation and long manual analysis in order to find the correct information. Qualitative and time-consuming diagnostics based on manual image analysis can result in lack of consensus or errors(4).

How it works

QMENTA AI Reader offers reliable and robust tools for diagnostics, prognosis, monitoring and decision support for experts and clinicians, freeing up their time by automating manual tasks and extracting valuable information from the unprocessed images to facilitate decision-making.

QMENTA’s Neuro AI tools provide unique insight into the brain anatomy by accentuating tissue change or damage or hyperintensities in color and in 3D and by creating brain network maps in order to see changes in connections due to disease/injury. These state-of-the-art algorithms powered by machine & deep learning help clinicians to accurately evaluate patients and their disease state based on objective criteria.


Time savings by automated advanced image analysis (5)


Cost savings in advanced image analysis (6)

AI-driven Neuro Analysis Tools

  • QMENTA AI Reader offers a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art image analysis algorithms to automate the manual and time-consuming work of experts and to provide unique quantified insight on the patient.
  • Our expertise is focused on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, in addition to brain oncology, stroke, and neuropsychiatric diseases.
  • The AI Reader’s flexible & vendor-neutral infrastructure allows us to provide a wide array of proprietary & licensed tools and also gives the option to integrate any imaging biomarker available on the market. This means that experts can choose the best suited state-of-the-art biomarkers as they wish and execute them in one centralized system.

Automated Reports

  • Once an analysis is run, an exportable PDF report summarizes the resulting output in a visual and concise way for clinicians to easily browse and share.
  • The reports include image slices at different orientations (coronal, sagittal, etc.) with lesions or damages marked in different colors, and tables compiling the main quantitative outputs on measurements such as volumes of different regions, number of lesions or longitudinal changes.

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