QMENTA rebranding

By October 13, 2017 March 16th, 2018 No Comments

It was both an exciting and a stressful long Barcelona summer for the QMENTA team. During these past few months, many important decisions were made on both the company and its brand.

This all started with the end of our seed round in which we raised $3.2 Million. Most came from a California VC and some reputable private investors such as Dr. Walter Gilbert.

We started the company years ago believing that there was a viable business opportunity for a platform for neuroimaging, which turned out to be very true, as now we are here.

Following these aspirations, we wanted a brand that was unique, a brand that was powerful enough to match our ambitious goal: to transform how neuroscience R&D is conducted with our platform’s state-of-the-art workflow.

This is why now we are QMENTA. The Q in QMENTA symbolizes not only the Quality that our team always strives to achieve, but also the Quantification that we extract from MRI images. ‘Menta’ pertains to the mind, relating the company name to our focus on the brain.

Many companies have decided to rebrand their company as they “outgrew their original mission” or their market or customers changed, or there was intense competition thus they wanted some differentiation.

Even though our mission is still the same, our objectives are now raised much higher. We also did some very important adjustments to our business model & pricing to better meet the needs of our customers.

Moreover, our market, which was once a blue ocean, is no longer that. New companies, technologies, and solutions emerge every month in the market of medical imaging. Hence, we are at that point where we have to very efficiently and clearly communicate how we are different and better and what more we can bring to the table.

And what is the best way to do that?

We started to re-evaluate the “faces” we present to our valuable clients: our platform and our website, to see how we can improve them and better transmit our value propositions.

Everyone agreed that it would help our company tremendously to have a simpler and clearer website with an eye-catching, minimalist design to convey all the messages we wanted in a transparent and uncomplicated way, showing why our platform makes a difference and how it can help our users.

This decision gave birth to the new QMENTA website that is active online right now for you to browse. After months of hard work and discussions, we are very proud of this new face to our company where you can easily find all the information you need on our platform, company, team, and much more.

Our executives and engineers also decided that our platform can benefit from a makeover following our customer’s feedback. The more user-friendly, the better.

Thus, the next step which will complete this re-branding is the launch of our platform’s new user interface, which will happen by the end of 2017.  

We are under an intense schedule to deliver it to you, our valuable customers and followers, as soon as possible.

I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank you for being with us on this journey and supporting our cause to help researchers & doctors find cures for neurological diseases.

Please feel free to write to us if you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you.