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Q-Brain Tumor Segmentation Workflow (Q-BTS)

Multi-regional segmentation of gliomas and glioblastomas from contrast-enhanced imaging using deep neural networks. The BTS segments a tumor into necrotic regions, enhancing regions and regions of edema using T1 weighted pre and post-contrast images and T2 weighted FLAIR images, proving volumetric and radiomic information for each region. This allows automated monitoring of tumor progression.

Key features:

  • Automated multi-regional glioma segmentation.
  • Option to include an editor as an intermediate manual correction step to remove false positives and add false negatives.
  • 3 tissue regions: enhancing tumor, necrosis, and edema.
  • Input data: T1 weighted pre- and post-contrast, T2-FLAIR.
  • Saves time from manual segmentations.
  • Radiomics quantitative measures.
Head & spine
Glioblastoma, Neuro-oncology
Multi-regional segmentation of gliomas and glioblastomas
Regulatory Clearance:
Research use only
T1 pre-contrast, T2 FLAIR. T1 post-contrast (Optional)