QMENTA Platform allows investigators with a focus on neurological diseases to get more detailed and quantified insight from their neuroimaging datasets.

Our aim is to provide an easy-to-use and secure platform to facilitate your rigorous R&D efforts by delivering an efficient workflow.

Data Management

You can easily upload all medical images to our platform via our lightweight standalone desktop app. Your data will be locally anonymized before transmission and will be seamlessly uploaded to our platform. Data may also be directly uploaded via web browser, where it will be transmitted to our platform with a secure encryption and anonymized on arrival. Once uploaded, data can be pre-processed and standardized for further processing, saving precious time.

Data Analysis

All the data on the platform can be analyzed with one-click using state-of-the art pipelines – proprietary, licensed, and open source – on the cloud, eliminating all scripts and complications, saving valuable time and resources.

You can easily monitor the changes and dynamics of the diseases in longitudinal studies, images are automatically grouped according to patients.

Our analytics bolster your efforts in identifying new biomarkers for diagnostics by enabling you to easily explore correlations between changes in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology measured by our tools.

Data Traceability

With foolproof data traceability, we support the validation and reproducibility of your results and your publications, assisting the advancement of science and medicine.

Software Development Kit (SDK)




We provide a container engine and API for you to upload and run your custom built processing tools on our platform, allowing you to share, benchmark and validate your algorithms within a secure, compliant environment.

Our aim is to help translate research to industry while allowing you to monetize your research with a revenue-sharing model. We believe that this gives critical added-value with higher volumes of citations, thus more visibility for your research.


QMENTA is tremendously helpful as a collaborative tool for both researchers and clinicians providing a rich user-friendly GUI platform that aids in automating the image processing tasks in addition to supporting excellent Visualization tools and batch run analysis. Its potential as a highly emerging image processing platform will be very valuable to the neuroscience community for the on-going research studies

Prasanna Parvathaneni, MScJunior Specialist at UCSF

My lab has been working with QMENTA primarily for developing a new treatment for Down syndrome using MRI at pre-clinical validation with mice models. Their platform is necessary to accelerate the discoveries in the field and will have a very large impact. The platform that they provide is a great tool for data management and processing. It is very flexible and efficient, providing quick answers to our research questions. We feel very comfortable and satisfied to work with the team, given their scientific approach that turns their product as a partner, rather than just a tool.

Mara Dierssen, MD, PhDSenior Scientist (CRG) at Centre for Biomedical Research on Rare Diseases-CIBERER

As a neurosurgeon, I see an enormous value in using the QMENTA platform for next-generation research and surgical planning, particularly with respect to 3D imaging of white matter tracts. Their sophisticated cloud-based solution is as easy to use as your typical consumer web app. I had the pleasure of working directly with the QMENTA team through the NeuroLaunch accelerator program, and I can vouch for their incredible talent in becoming the leading solution for neuroimaging online.

Jordan Amadio, M.D., M.B.A.Chief Resident in Neurosurgery at Emory University and Managing Partner at NeuroLaunch

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