Meet Our Team

QMENTA’s team is made of experts in medical image analysis, visualization, software, and business on a mission to unlock the value of neuroimaging with its advanced cloud platform.

Koen Bouwers, MBA


With vast experience at management of leading tech companies, Koen is now guiding QMENTA team with his expertise to find the best product-market fit and expand the product's reach & international sales

Vesna Prchkovska, PhD

COO & Co-Founder

Vesna combines her know-how in image processing, medical visualization, and neuroscience to lead the R&D team at QMENTA. Her goal is to build novel imaging markers to better test the efficacy of drugs on CNS diseases

Paulo Rodrigues, PhD

CTO & Co-Founder

As an experienced software engineer and a PhD in neuroimaging analysis, Paulo aims to create value and have a true impact on the healthcare industry

Landon McKenna

President & CCO, Co-Founder

Landon uses his background in Business Management to make sure that QMENTA delivers a great product into the hands of those who will benefit the most from it

Pablo Villoslada, MD, PhD


As a member of the scientific board, Pablo has been sharing his knowledge and advice with the QMENTA team for more than 4 years. He will use the same expertise in CNS diseases and the healthcare industry to move forward QMENTA’s growth.

Nikola Lazovski, PDEng

Technical Lead

With a PDEng in Software Technology, Nikola is taking care of data organization and processing infrastructure, system scalability, and most of the aspects related to processing on the platform

David Moreno, PhD

Neuroimaging Team Lead

David combines his leadership skills & experience as PhD in Biomedical Imaging to design, plan and oversee the development of client-oriented solutions for medical data analysis

Matt Rowe, PhD

Neuroimaging Technical Lead

As a PhD in Neuroimaging, Matt is responsible for designing, prototyping and validating neuroimaging pipelines in collaboration with clients

Tim Peeters, PhD

Engineering Team Lead

As an experienced software engineer with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Tim is leading the product team, planning and optimizing the software development process

Marc Ramos, Ing

Neuroimaging Engineer

With a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering focused on image processing, Marc is creating advanced neuroimaging tools and workflows, growing the QMENTA app collection

Santi Puch Giner, MSc

Deep Learning Engineer

Santi applies his knowledge on Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods to develop novel neuroimaging analysis tools

Irina Sánchez Muriana, MSc

Deep Learning Engineer

With a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering focused on multimedia, Irina is working on deep learning solutions to assist radiologists and to develop novel neuroimaging tools

Albert Alises Sorribas, MSc

Software Engineer

Albert is developing new visualization and interaction applications for neuroimaging data, focusing on Virtual Reality and web-based visualization, as well as being a part of the front-end team that is building the new platform

Albert Puente Encinas, MSc

Neuroimaging Engineer

Albert is assisting the neuroimaging engineers in the development of the pipelines with a particular focus on making them efficient and scalable

Alara Alkin, MSc

Business Developer

As a chemical engineer with a Masters in Management, Alara supports business development, partnership, and marketing activities of QMENTA

Takayuki Sato, MSc, MBA

Software Engineer

With a Masters on fMRI and an MBA, Taka is an expert Software Engineer working on Project Management and supporting the executive team on business-related matters

Amelia Hocine, MSc

Marketing & Communications Officer

Amelia is supporting the business activities & daily developing the QMENTA brand. Her goal is to show how valuable the platform is to our future customers

Veronica Garcia Caro, MBA

Marketing Manager

With her experience in medical devices, Verónica is managing the upstream & downstream marketing strategies and activities to match QMENTA's products to our markets and customers, and to push the international growth

Anna Montagutelli

Business Development Intern

As an MSc in Management final year student, Anna supports the business development activities at QMENTA

Gergely Vastag

Quality Assurance Engineer

Gergely performs software testing, monitors the interface and prepares documentation about the functioning of the platform

Guillem Garcia Gomez

Neuroimaging Intern

Finishing his bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering, Guillem works alongside the engineers of the neuroimaging team to conduct analysis on large sets of data structures

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