they introduced the world's first electric watch replacing

okay hi guys and welcome to the show and today we are finally reviewing the Hamilton kaki mechanical field watch I know long overdue and I got to give a quick shout out to my good friend Alberto who has lent this fantastic watching a very important watch an iconic watch historic watch and I actually owned one of these back in the day and that's kind of why I didn't do an unboxing because I already know this watch very well indeed and this was before I had a channel and then I had the kaki king which is the automatic day date part of the cocking line and I have reviewed on the channel so have a look back so of course I will do wrist watch check before I get into this and as we are talking about iconic military watches I had to pop on the old 1945 Amiga the 32

based pilots watch this was of course worn by the British RAF pilots and the car key was worn by the Americans so a bit of an allied famed video today so this is the reference H six nine four one nine zero and of course bazarov 2018 we saw a new member to the car key mechanical family which is even more faithful to the historic field watches that this particular version is based on and we'll discuss that in just a moment so if you're not familiar with Hamilton which you should be by now it's a brand that I've covered many many times a very important brand and they were founded

34 mm table is made of stainless steel case, with Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial and diamond hour scale, the same distribution of charming charm.

in 1892 in Lancaster Pennsylvania now of course part of the swatch group but let's not forget that for the majority of its existence it was an American made an American company their fundamental aesthetics and styling is deeply inspired by their history so the company really cut their teeth in terms of watchmaking with the expansion of the American railroad obviously way before quartz they needed high precision and affordable time keeping devices and Hamilton was so successful this they had a 56% market share which at the time the railroad watches was hugely significant and they turned this expertise of precision and and accuracy and and watchmaking on a large scale into their military watches the first of which was during World War one Hamilton produced which mounted field watches for the American forces which quickly became preferred over the larger you know more cumbersome pocket watches they continued to supply watches for the military into World War two in fact Hamilton's commitment to the war effort was so significant they actually suspended commercial production entirely for the entirety of World War two Hamilton also made a line of extremely

impressive marine chronometer z' for the US Navy after the two world wars Hamilton went on in especially in the 50s and 60s to have a boom period producing many many iconic watches in 1957 they introduced the world's first electric watch replacing the mechanical mainspring with a battery-powered system the brand was a favorite of the blue suede shoe the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley and then of course with the breakout of the Vietnam War Hamilton once again returned to curate probably the most well known line of the military specification field watches that is where the watch we're looking at today is very much inspired by and the brand has continued from strength to

The Sea-Dweller, with reference 126600, has been presented on the occasion of this 50 years of trajectory, and has come up with changes. The most important is the expansion of the cabinet diameter to 43 mm, three more than the previous one. The larger size allows a more balanced design of all elements of the clock and includes a novelty that most purists have missed.

strength starring in over 400 movies one of the most notable being the interstellar watches of course which I've also reviewed beautiful fleiger inspired pilots watches with that little bit of American Flair in its styling so let's take a look at this Cendant of one of these vietnam watches there's another version with a very dark olive dial and olives style canvas strap this particular version comes on this kind of sand khaki strap that has a leather lining on the inside and then on the outside it is canvas and stitched with these quite unusual it reminds me a little bit like staples steel loops here with a signed Hamilton buckle a nice touch it's not something you typically see and what I really like is on the strap they've actually framed the holes for the the tongue of the buckle with steel to stop it fraying and also just give it a little bit more robustness nice touch they haven't cut any corners on the strap at all it's quite thick and substantial so let's get the basic dimensions out of

the way first the diameter is 38 millimeters we have a thickness of just a smidgen over nine millimeters like talaga is 47 and the lug width is 20 millimeters so a really nice size definitely a crowd-pleaser still larger than its ancestors but big enough to be relevant in today's world now the case is completely satin iced with a really nice finish it's it's just beautifully done so it's entirely stainless steel of course we have a very slightly domed sapphire and I was quite impressed that it's sapphire at this price substantial large crown for the manual wine it's not screw down the water resistance is 50 meters and we even get drilled lug holes which is fantastic because

I do not know if it will be a great commercial success, like Ballon Bleu, but I think he will find his place and his own audience because he deserves it. Drive, in whatever version you look at, at first glance, Cartier replicates. The smooth housing with the beautiful curves includes an impeccable aesthetic dial with characteristic large Latin figures and indicators of blue steel.

you're certainly gonna have fun changing the straps on this the dial itself is a very nice matte black and we have just a slightly grainy texture that you only notice looking at extremely close up you have the 24-hour markings cocky mechanical written at six o'clock and Hamilton at the twelve triangles that are loomed we also have loom hands syringe style hands a narrow tip for the seconds with a very large lollipop counterbalance the loom unfortunately does not extend to the Arabic numerals of the 12-hour markings unfortunately but the seconds hand the tip is also loomed we do get a day - there the three o'clock in white and it is framed also with a little white outline there the printing is done exquisitely well what you'd expect from the quality of

Hamilton and we get a minute track running around the outside bezel is also very simple all the finishing is exactly the same except for that the screw down case back which we do have in a radial brushed finish just slightly differing replica watches best from the satin author of the main case the case is extremely simple and this is for good reason because obviously these were made while the originals are always made in huge amounts so it's just you know literally case back the main case the bezel is actually in part of the case and then the the crystal dial and the movement so you know even it was done to keep it as simple as possible one of the things I love about this watch is

the action of the winding it is a pleasure to wind and yeah it's it's very silky and feels extremely solid if we pull out the crown we have quick set for the date and if I pull it out all the way it is of course hackable so you can see the second hand has stopped if I push it back in off it goes so the movement is the ETA 2804 - - it's a 17 jul 18 with a healthy 42 hour para serve because this is only manual wines you don't have that automatic rotor which keeps the movement exceptionally thin in fact most of the time this ETA is used for dress watches although don't be fooled it is an absolute

tank extremely reliable and you have the added advantage of it being less complex and it's automatic counterparts so it's going to be a lot more affordable to service and repair over the years we have the Inca block shock protection stone lever escapement and the yoke winding system it operates at twenty eight thousand eight hundred vibrations an hour so we get a really nice smooth sweep which is something you don't really typically see at this price level especially with the Japanese competition which typically you're gonna see you know slower speeds 21600 etc now of course Hamilton being part of swatch they have access to the ETM movements so very

very easy and affordable to maintain any watch make you can repair this accuracy wise I'm looking at +4 which is absolutely fantastic especially considering its price although it is luck of the draw these are not regulated but you can easily regulate them and really get them performing wonderfully looking at it from a profile you see the lovely curvature of that sapphire signed crown and just look at that thinness it's oh it's fantastic in my opinion the watch that's perhaps inspired this particular model is the FA PD five one zero one type one dating from around 1970 you can undoubtedly see its remarkable similarities the hands the dial layout etc even the shape of the lugs the case so let's pop this bad boy on the wrist and see how it wears moments later I have a six and a quarter inch wrist it wears perfectly fine for me it's incredibly light we're only looking at about sixty grams so

you don't even really notice you have it on just to give you an idea of that wait some Haji shocks actually weigh about the same so but of course it's far more slimmer which had has the added advantage of sliding under the cuff very very well the lug width is quite large so if you're if you have extremely skinny wrists which is even skinnier in mind which is you know very rare but it is it is possible it might slightly overhang these are deliberate because they have extra space for you to you know put your NATO straps etc especially really thick Zulu your military Zulu straps which I think this would look fake rolex absolutely gorgeous on in fact actually I might slip in a

short of that just so you can see so very very legible adequate glance extremely comfortable and you feel the quality it's very solid as well it's definitely a solid well-made timepiece so let's summarize the watch the moment Ladell we'll start off with the positives well without a shadow of a doubt it's incredible value proposition I mean in terms of bang per buck it offers so much it's very difficult to compete especially with a Swiss main watch like this for the money I think it's wonderful that Hamilton still offer this American legend that has such a long illustrious past so you've got the Heritage you got the prestige of that heritage I think this watch encapsulates everything that is great about Hamilton there's almost a respectable honesty about this watch it's free of any superfluous embellishment built for task and unpretentious it's utilitarian aesthetic might not

be to everybody's cup of tea but I I think it's been beautifully updated it's wonderful to see a return of the more vintage inspired offering as well I think where it's placed in the market is fantastic an excellent first watch if you want to dip your toe in the mechanical waters I guess you could say this is a great way to start Oh even if you're a you know a veteran watch collector and you want to add a classic military field watch this is a very affordable and fun way to go that's an important word it's very fun I think also it's a great to see something for the smaller wristed there are larger versions available there is even a 45 millimeter with different dialing out I might have to double check but I'm quite sure it's beyond 40 millimetres it's it's much larger and the quality I mean it's it's excellent I mean you really do get a feel of that Swiss quality and certainly a lot safer bet than going vintage so it's a safe way to go especially if you're not all new to mechanical

timepieces you haven't got the attached risks of you know of vintage watches but also it's not just affordable to buy and own it's gonna be extremely affordable to maintain over the years it's something you can be proud of and down the generations and I love the fact they haven't cut corners and the straps I mean that that's that's a refreshing thing to see definitely incredible value for money I keep pinching myself when I think how much this costs and the most important thing is if this is your first mechanical watch when you wind it you get a little bit of that magic and if you're new to mechanical watches you might forget to wind it and etc but once you get into that routine becomes almost like a ritual that you really enjoy it's just a wonderful

way to get people into more traditional watches but coupled with that it's a really robust rock solid watch you've got premium materials like the sapphire glass so you just don't have to worry about it makes an excellent weekend betta watch as well okay so the negatives well the lugs are I think a little bit overdone I mean look at that gap there I feel they didn't need to be so large I think actually it has more to do with Hamilton trying to please the larger wrist it as well because look I mean look you've got yeah look at that gap you've got tons of space and even there's a a notch if you see that in the actual case which is completely unnecessary redundant so it does wear a little larger actually for in my opinion wears like a forty millimeters that I have to say its biggest downfall is definitely that loom it's a shame we didn't see the loomed Arabic numerals like in

the automatic counterparts that are actually loomed but of course you have to pay extra you have poor orientation they're very small markers and also the loom on the seconds hand is only on the tip I really expected the lollipop counterbalance to be loomed a bit like on the skx a bit of a missed opportunity there the only other negative I can think of is with this extremely utilitarian no-nonsense aesthetic it's not gonna be as versed I mean you certainly can't dress it up you're gonna be limited to two what style of attire I just don't feel this will go with

the suit it's just a little bit too tool tastic for my liking I mean you could do whatever you want but if you are jeans and t-shirt kind of a guy or something fun for the weekend then yeah this has got you covered absolutely ultimately this is an outstanding watch it's very very rare that you see a mechanical Swiss made timepiece of this price range I mean we're talking the same price range as a fashion watch and yet you've got the Heritage you've got the style you've got

the robustness you've got real mechanical watchmaking okay it's a little bit of a mundane ETA that we've seen thousand times before but I really do think this is a gateway into into serious watches and and you know even a connoisseur would be proud to wear this and this just goes to show how Hamilton absolutely rule the roost when it comes to the entry level I highly highly recommend this watch I think is absolutely fantastic not perfect by any means but you know you can forgive it because but it's just so affordable guys I mean really is do you let me know your thoughts cruise comments opinions all the rest of it down below especially if you own this watch I'd love to your opinions how you're finding it anyway guys I'm gonna leave it there thank you so much for watching please don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it and found it useful and as always I will catch you in the next one okay chap

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