highly respected Swiss luxury replica watches maker they were started

okay hi guys and welcome to the show today I have the honor and privilege of reviewing something extremely special and rare indeed this magnificent beast before you is the zenith timeless chrono master heritage and of Replica Watches course before I get into it I'll do a quick wristwatch check I'm wearing my brightening Chronos pace today and I've started referring to it as the Robocop Wilkinson because of that blue and also the the way the the digital displays remind me of the helmets of Robocop but also the kind of metallic blue is just so particular now if you're not familiar with Zenith

I have reviewed the Colonel massive moon phase before and I've very nearly pulled the trigger and bought it myself but we really should discuss Zen it's incredible history they are a highly respected Swiss luxury watchmaker they were started all the way back in 1865 by george v jockle at the very impressive age of only 22 this was in the lock in

the canton of naruto zenith with it purchased by the louis vuitton mowing NEC group in 1999 and quite recently jean-claude beaver became their CEO in 2017 with him at the helm they've really done some amazing things which we'll get into it in just a moment but zeniff primarily are known for their in-house manufacturing in fact zenith founder revolutionised watch production by uniting all the watch making professions under one roof in 1899 they produced their first pocket chronograph throughout the 1900s they were involved in the production of a lot of onboard instruments for aircraft the zenith name actually refers to the obviously

the highest point reached in the sky and George chose this thereby symbolized the heights of excellence in which he wanted the brand to aspire to in 1948 they released the caliber 135 which was a legendary wristwatch chronometer movement and this became an award-winning watch most crowning achievement and what Zenith is rarely known for is the el primero this was released in 1969 originally it was the first ever integrated automatic chronograph movement it was the only one at the time capable of measuring short times to the nearest tenth of a second thanks to the balance oscillating at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations an hour notably Zenoss el primero movement was used by Rolex in fact between 1988 in 2004 the Rolex Daytona chronograph in 1994 they released their first ultra thin automatic movements the elite movement this is one of the first calibers to be developed using computer-assisted design and it was in fact a movement of the year by the trade press due to this extreme slenderness and subsequent proven reliability 2003 the brand invents the open concept based on a dial opening revealing the escapement of the el primero caliber 2011

they won the geneva watchmaking grand prix awards for the best complication in 2012 zeniff made history with the Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner who became the first man to break the sound barrier in a freefall jumping from the edge of the stratosphere from a space capsule and landing in the New Mexico desert zennith served as the official timekeeper for the the milestone jump and of course the watch worn by Baumgartner was the zenith Stratos fly back featuring the world-famous El Premera movement in 2014 the zenith chrono master el primero lightweight wins the Geneva grand prix again the sports price this time for this very kind of avant-garde version of the legendary el primero the design was focused on sharing off any excess weight with the movement being made out of titanium and silicon components encased in an ultra sporty carbon case 2015

they celebrated their hundred and fiftieth anniversary and then in 2017 we saw under Jules claude beaver many new innovations including the zenith defy el primero which introduces a 1/100 of a second mechanical accuracy which is just staggering and just takes the the whole el primero to a whole new level and if you remember in my 2017 Baselworld video it was one of my favorite releases it really is the ultimate embodiment of the spirit of zenith and and especially their mastery of the chronograph really represents a quantum leap in both performance and a mechanical design but the innovation didn't stop there they also released the define lab which is an astonishingly slim mono crystalline silicon oscar later that is unaffected by magnetic fields gravity or temperature and has really challenged the very foundations of watchmaking

mechanics the watch was made out of the lightest aluminium composite material and won the Grand Prix of her ology innovation watch prize award for its entirely new scientific approach with regard to mechanics was revolutionary in its use of materials and its unprecedented levels of the precision but let's bring it back to planet Earth for a second and here we have another 2017 release 2017 was obviously a very important year for the brand it was a kind of rebirth and not only were they focusing on challenging the the frontiers of watchmaking they also presented a whole new line of beautiful crown grafting including the heritage 146 which this shares the same case with and also it houses a classic el premier a movement so where does this special edition from timeless luxury fit in well timeless luxury if you're not aware of them they are an official authorized

dealer for Zen if they teamed up and this is the result so let's get the basics vacations out of the way and then we'll discuss it in a little bit more detail so the diameter is 38 millimeters we have a height of just about thirteen point five I would say lug to lug is forty six and a half and then a lug width of nineteen millimeters so the scale is is very kind of faithful to the famous L premiers of the 60s and I think that's fantastic because you know obviously it's it's more of a classic size the case is entirely stainless steel 50 meters water resistance beautiful beveling here on the lugs a brushed finish on the top and then high polish on sides we have a domed sapphire crystal there anti-reflective coating high polished bezel that kind of a little step up and she frames it beautifully comes on this very soft and supple leather strap that tapers nicely we have a little

signed buckle there with the zenith star the underside of the strap is a soft calf skin and it's stitched with a slightly off brown that the strap is black but I just love that very subtle detailing and currently a variation now the inspiration for this piece was the vintage a27 three the guys at timeless luxury really felt that this was a bit of a underrated cronograph they love the the classical try register layout as we see here and they took the inspiration for the dial which is this kind of champagne sunburst effect from this particular reference they were quite clear that this is not a reissue the original was in a drastically different case other similarities include the tachometer running around the outside of the dial the very 60s applied battens for the hours we also get the applied star logo and those very precise clear seconds and minutes track they also went for blued hands not only on the main seconds of the chronograph but also all the sub dials that unmistakable cool just hue of blue hands it's a subtle touch it's so elegant I adore the three-dimensional Zenith star each of the points are faceted at different angles so whichever way you angle it it plays with the light that sunburst effect is is just ravishing it's subtle it's not too loud it's not too garish I also appreciate that they didn't adorn

the dial with too much script like the the more famous el primero z-- there's no writing boasting of of the frequency of the movement take for example don't have the clutter of a date sub dials are beautifully framed and sunken with of course tiny little concentric circles there's a really nice sense of balance of form and function here for the hour minutes of the main time we have a leaf style hands which is the departure from the traditional baton hands we saw in the a 273 we have these Pistons style pushers here for the stop and start and then the reset at the bottom signed crown again with the zenith star so if we engage the chronograph we have that

wonderfully smooth actuation that is so typical of the el primero and a column wheel chronograph just look how smooth that is so we have seconds for the main time there we have a 12-hour counter at the six o'clock and then 30 minutes at the three o'clock if we turn the watch over we see the splendor of that world-famous movement there it is in all its glory and you really do get a good look at it assisted by this skeletonized rotor and we have a screwed in case back so this is the Zen if el primero 4:06 131 jul 2 certified chronometer so the performance is exceptional now the original 1873 had a manual whined I believe it was the caliber one four six now that was beautiful in its own right but no match compared to the legendary 36,000 vibrations per hour el primero it has a staggering complexity tarted-up to the nines with pelage work blued screws beveling coat de genève stripes then we have a nice contrast of surfaces with some brushed in one direction and then other parts brushed in another even the column wheel is thermally blued which i think is a really nice such it's crowning feature is proudly decorated as well as you already know it is one of the most influential chronograph movements in the world so it's known for many things for being the first automatic

chronograph for its extremely high frequency 25% more than your average watch in in 2017 it's also one of the relatively few integrated chronographs where chronograph mechanisms share the same space as the timekeeping mechanism many coronagraphs today use modules now essentially a separate layer of mechanism placed on top of the movement now they do their job fantastically well but as we often see with the 7 750 and many others they are much thicker than a truly integrated chronograph due to this stacked architecture for timekeeping the zenith employs our ever-popular smooth balance wheel a regulation combination uses a regulator index for precise control of its rate which makes it simple for watchmakers to modify its timekeeping its accuracy both in terms of time and precision of the chronograph our ode to this old-school approach of high frequency design but a very small number of brands including Zen if pioneered decades ago and this is really what allows the chronograph to be reliably read at 0.1 second increments

very rare among modern chronographs the fact you get to see it and enjoy it in all it's glory I got to be honest that the back is almost as agile as the front so one of the advantages of this of you know it not being modules stacked on top of each other is you you get to the sea let's see if I can actually demonstrate it get to see the operation if I go reset start stop you get to see it actually do its business a beautiful column wheel so how does this bad boy wear let's pop it on the wrist and find out several moments later now on my skinny six and a quarter inch wrist it fits wonderfully it's very light only 71 grams and the way the dial that the blued hands capture the light that champagne kind of cream color very alluring it has a very dressy feel the lugs are quite long but I think it hugs the wrist very nicely it's also quite slender this is probably one of the most slender chronographs automatic chronograph so I should say that I've ever worn very comfortable for the small medium and large wrist the scale and proportions will work tremendously

well gives a quite commanding reassuring presence on the wrist so let's summarize the positives and negatives well first of all the quality is there it's comparable to some of the very big boys in the game I would put this up there with jlc Rolex that kind of level in terms of its finishing its flawless exquisitely done super sharp transitions and edges it's unequivocally luxury it feels luxurious from the strap everything is just beautifully made the other big positive of this watch is undoubtedly that movement it has serious horological muscle that any enthusiast has to respect and probably it's the best thing about this watch it's an absolute pleasure and joy to use thirdly I love the classic elegance of the piece it's handsome its graceful its appealing it has all the charm of those sixties chronographs but bang up to date in a more contemporary case and of course materials it's a pure delight to look at without being flashy it's very kind of understated and its rarity I mean being one of only 25 in the world that that is a an extremely exclusive amount and just goes to show you

how much Zenith must appreciate timeless luxury I mean I do as well its rarity I think will also assist to keeping its value so the negatives well the biggest negative for me has to be the small crown they actually decided on a smaller crown if you look at the Heritage one four six the crown is substantially thicker I think the diameter is fine but I really do believe it should have protruded a little more it's very difficult to grip when you want to manually wind it however I do appreciate that they put a little notch in the back there are some beautiful subtle elements of design that that make it you know that you do appreciate over time but it's just too undersized I found it annoying almost painful to wind while I think the smaller crown gives it a more classy appearance it definitely diminishes the practicality it's kind of dwarfed there by the piston head style pushes which I really like and actually that brings me on to my my second biggest negative other piece this is a sports watch however they've decided to go with leaf hands for the hour and minutes I don't think it works at all and it really pains me to say this but I you know I have to be honest here I understand them the motivation behind it they wanted to make it more dressy but what makes a watch dressy really is how you

wear it it's already elegant enough I think they should have gone with battens it's just a bit of a clash of genres now you'll probably say well what about the the chuder blackberry chronograph that's different that's a marriage of two sportive genres divers racing chronographs these kind of leaf hands to me I mean in my personal experience I just associate them with early 20th century dress pieces a little bit too refined you'll probably say well one four six has the leaf hands but it has a more delicate minimalist aesthetic and with that more pronounced sunburst effect it's even more dressy I think it really works there the hands might do it for you I think I think at the end of day it is all about personal taste but that's what makes a true classic when it all works and blends together seamlessly my last negative is the value this is priced at about seven-and-a-half thousand dollars while you do get a lot of watch for your money and of course the opportunity to own an extremely

rare limited edition I can't help but think about what else is out there for example I saw a gold version of the a 273 on ebay going for about five okay so it doesn't have the prestigious movement but you know you can buy an LP mirror for significantly less a few grand less than this not to mention on the use market the the chroma master moon phase which I myself came very close to buying having said that when it's on the wrist it does feel like you know a seven and a half grand watch I mean really does another very slight negative is the nineteen millimeter lug with whenever it's an odd number it's a nuisance to buy straps for twenty millimeters or

actually I think 18 would have suited the proportions better not the end of the world but you know an annoyance especially something has the potential to be a strap monster like this I mean with such a neutral color schemes would look wonderful and a whole variety of combinations but in conclusion is anything my opinion is one of the most under appreciated luxury brands despite its shortcomings it does still epitomize everything you want in a luxury watch the refinement not only in its precision from its splendid quality the prestigious

movement the rarity and finally the heritage one has to respect to me this is tasteful luxury for the true enthusiast kind of stealth luxury it's not about status here I've really enjoyed the short time I've had with this piece a massive shout out to timeless luxury in Frisco Texas I'll leave a link to them they are one of my recommended sellers they are an authorized dealer for countless brands I highly recommend them thank you for lending this in okay guys I'm gonna leave it there please don't forget to add your thoughts queries comments opinions all the rest of it down below thank you very very much for watching please don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it and found it useful and as always guys I will catch you in the next one okay ciao

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