Mint Labs holds the first open day event, “Hack the brain!”


We invited guests to discuss neuroimaging and big data technology. It was interesting opportunity to get a fresh perspective from other data scientists and also gave us an opportunity to spot some talent outside of the company.

The first open day event, “Hack the brain!”

We offered an open day event at our office in Barcelona for Computer scientists, Electrical engineers, Neuroscience researchers, or anyone with a passion for programming and neuroscience. We showed our experiences in medical image processing in the cloud and discussed the future of Neuroimaging research, visualization and software fields with the participants. This open day was a good opportunity for the audience to know the state-of-the-art scientific research and explore the brain. Also, Mint Labs was able to get fresh ideas from like-minded people.

Thanks to sponsoring from Estrella Damm, we were refreshed and one of our colleagues showed his talent for musical beer.