Unlock the Power of Neuroimaging Data


We have the solutions to provide you with curated and annotated real-world neurology imaging and associated clinical data or to improve the value of your own unstructured data

Neuro Data
Neuro Data

We have the answer whether you need to train AI, conduct retrospective studies, research biomarkers, enable real world studies, match patient cases, enhance and complement your data studies, or simply put order into your unstructured data. Over 10 million neurology images have been exchanged or stored on our platform so far, and our curation services and network of highly qualified partners can provide the data solutions to meet your needs.

Our Neuro Data offer tiered levels of augmented data depending on your precise needs. We do all the hard work so you can focus on your goals.


Tier 1

Aggregated, classified, tagged, de-identified clinical data


Tier 2

Aggregated, classified, tagged, de-identified clinical data with disease specific Neuroimaging data


Tier 3

Aggregated, classified, tagged clinical data with disease specific Neuroimaging data and expert radiology assessments and/or applied biomarkers


Tier 4

Aggregated, classified, tagged Neuroimaging and clinical data, integrated with additional data sets such as clinical, Real World Data (e.g. wearables or other means) or genomic data

Unstructured Neuroimaging data? We have the solution.

Simply and easily organize, classify, annotate and compliantly store your unstructured neuroimaging and associated data sets.

  • Securely upload large volumes of imaging and associated data to rapidly and automatically de-identify, quality check and classify your data, irrespective of modality or location.
  • Apply the latest AI biomarker tools from our world-leading catalog to augment and annotate your data sets.

  • Plug-in, store, and run your own tools & pipelines on the QMENTA platform using our Software Development Kit.

  • Access our extensive and high quality library of neuroimages to enhance your datasets. 

  • Our data services are flexible enough to cover other disease areas beyond neurology. Just let us know your needs.





Time savings by automated advanced image analysis (1)



Cost savings in imaging collection and storage (2)

Result-driven technology

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  1. Comparing hours spent by radiologist vs. tool compute time
  2. QMENTA calculation compared to cost of local computational resources