CHARTING YOUR CAREER? PERSONAL STORIES ON ACADEMIC AND INNOVATION CAREERS event happened yesterday 19th of November, at the Grand hotel Central Barcelona. The event was funded by MCAA , REEM and Mint Labs.

Ruth de Diego shared her story on how her project idea was crucial for her successful ERC grant. Salvador Soto-Faraco emphasized that we don’t only learn from the successful applications, but sometimes the unsuccessful ones can lead to a life-changing project. Oriol Casanovas told the audience how training and practice through entities like AGAUR can make a difference. Samuel Sánchez described the interview process in first person detail, and how ‘taking a walk’ before can be very beneficial for one’s state of mind. We then heard the challenges of pursuing your own start up by the CEO of Mint Labs, Paulo Rodrigues, and again the importance of believing in your own project.

After the talks there was networking session in the City Bar of the hotel.