Neuroimaging cloud innovator Mint Labs announces an equity crowdfunding round with Capital Cell – to accelerate product development and growth, towards transforming the development of new therapies for neurological disorders.


Mint Labs, the multi-award winning neuroimaging data analytics platform, announces today the launch of a €150,000 investment crowdfunding campaign to accelerate its vision of building “the Google MapsTM for the brain”.

The Barcelona-based company has opened a crowdfunding round with Capital Cell, Europe’s first equity crowdfunding platform focused on life sciences. Mint Labs aims to accelerate its product development and growth, and provide its brain imaging software to specialists and research centers working in developing the new treatments that will potentially cure some of devastating neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, just to name a few.

Choosing a crowdfunding route opens the possibility to add non-traditional investors, including medical doctors, researchers, people who have been impacted by these diseases and are looking for change, or anyone else who wants to be a part of its investor portfolio. These new investors will be able to have a stake in Mint Labs from as little as €500, much less than the €50,000 minimum ticket. “Everybody can be a part of something truly special; it’s no longer reserved just to professional investors or the very wealthy.”.

The funds will be used to add more talented professionals in sales, marketing, and development to the Mint Labs’ team, with the aim to further increase the company’s usage by hospitals, research centers, and ultimately Pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Paulo Rodrigues, CEO and co-founder of Mint Labs, said, “The economic impact for our governments is tremendous, and it’s becoming unsustainable as population ages, and more people are affected by Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis – Alzheimer’s alone will cost us 260 billion dollars by 2020. And still, there are no cures for these diseases.”

“We are working to accelerate the development of the new therapies and truly make an impact not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the quality of life of millions of patients and their families.”

More information about Mint Labs crowdfunding campaign can be found here: