Neuroimaging analysis requires a number of software, including Open-Source and Licensed tools such as: Neurodebian, FreeSurfer, ANTS, MRtrix and many more. Scientists must download and install the software and make sure it is working, which are non-core research activities. Additionally, the large storage is necessary as biomedical images can reach terabytes for each project however local computers cannot store that amount.

Thus, to help neuroscientists and accelerate their research, Mint Labs released an SDK environment for Neuroimaging analysis. A dedicated server is built on a cloud infrastructure and provided to our customers. Since the commonly used software is already installed, there is no hassle to set up a computing environment. A user can access the server by several ways; SSH (terminal), VNC (remote desktop), and Jupyter notebook (web interface for programming). Additionally, Mint Labs API is installed so that a user download/upload data and run analysis on the Mint Labs platform. The SDK environment is already open to beta users.

If you are interested in a stable ready-to-use computing environment for Neuroimaging analysis, please