From 10 to 14 of March, Hannover (Germany) gathered 50 companies from all over the world focused on the usage and processing of big amounts of data – Big Data. Among them was Mint Labs.


Mint Labs demonstrated their neuroimaging platform analysis and visualization tools, exploiting Bid Data analysis and new touch-less interaction technology using Leap Motion.

We received lots of interest from the visitors and the media in part thanks to the great opportunity of being selected to feature in the hall incredible terapixel architecture designed by Kram and Weisshaar.

The Human Connectome 43x11m, 6.6 Terapixel display was designed based on massive quantities of data provided by Mint Labs in collaboration with the Neuroimmunology Program from IDIBAPS.

A big thank you again for the data processed by Mint Labs platform and collected in collaboration with the Neuroimmunology Program from IDIBAPS, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona.

Code_n at CeBIT was an intense experience, lots of visibility, media, contacts, barely had a chance to actually see the fair. But, had to say hi to our budies from Softlayer.