A leading economic newspaper recently wrote about Mint Labs and our expansion into the US market.


The following text is a rough translation:

The mysteries of the brain, cloud and 3D

The ‘start-up’ MintLabs developed a platform that allows researchers to see the neural connections that already has customers in the US.

Google Maps are known as the brain, but claimed that his idea beyond that label. The software developed by the start-up MintLabs, based in Barcelona, ​​provides access to 3D images of the brain and neuronal connections. The service provides a cloud platform where customers can transform MRI in patients interactive elements. “This technology allows us to observe what differences are there between the brain of a patient and a healthy,” explains co-founder and CEO of MintLabs, Portuguese Paulo Rodrigues. The project is aimed to help researchers in their research on this body still so unknown. The tool used to quantify variables and give very specific details that can guide clinical trials. Although clients are mainly engaged in research on MintLabs also believe that its application could reach the hands of surgeons. “Until now, doctors had to operate in the dark and imagining what could follow routes, for example, tumors. What we propose is to make an objective diagnosis, “Rodrigues reasons.

Both cofounder MintLabs, Rodrigues and salad Prchkovska Vesna, met while studying a PhD in Holland. It was then that they realized that their technology could be a market of so-called e-health. “We had an idea that doctors liked, but we needed the platform to launch the” they explain. This business initiative led them south, specifically in Barcelona, ​​where they finished installing, attracted by the dynamism of the “ecosystem” researcher “the excellent hospitals” in the city. Today MintLabs already working on a pilot program with two major US hospitals, one in Boston and one in Atlanta, who want their services to advance research against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. According to Rodrigues, its market is abroad, because in Spain “there are more difficulties to prosper while the US health system is more innovative and not look so much money at the time of invest in research. ”

The funding has been one of the main obstacles have been overcome and finally opted for the equity crowdfunding to increase its capital. During the month of June will launch a campaign platform specializing in business projects to achieve scientific CapitalCell 150,000 euros. “We hope to reach investors, especially the United Kingdom, and that allow us to meet the objective of expanding the first prototype,” says Rodrigues. With little more than two years, during its first fiscal year and implementation phase, billed only 2,000 euros, from the first contacts with leading centers like the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and at the Ramón y Cajal Madrid. However, expect to get billed one million euros in two years, and managed to become a database in the cloud diseases. The platform has been integrated Wayra the accelerator start-ups Telefonica, a step that has allowed them to gain visibility and access to new investors.

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