We can help you overcome many of the obstacles facing neurological clinical trials


Explosion of Neuro Data

There is an explosion of imaging, clinical and real-world data that is inherently complex and difficult to manage, particularly in the case of neuroimaging. 


Enormous Trial Costs

Difficulties and complexity in establishing, validating and managing sites and selecting the right patients can drive trial costs into the millions of dollars.


Waste of Precious Time

Successful completion of a clinical trial can take years. Trial complexities often result in costly delays, while 1 billion+ neurology patients await treatments. (1)


Low Success Rates

Less than 6% of phase 1 trials go on to be FDA approved (2). Unwanted variables such as inconsistent reading, missed scans, and inconsistent quality or protocol adherence contribute.

The QMENTA Clinical Trial Suite provides end-to-end clinical study support. We work with you to craft a custom solution that fits your specific requirements.

Communicate Trial Outcomes Easily and Effectively with High Quality Automated Visual Reports

Produce clear and consistent and easily shared reports on the outcomes of your patient study, with exportable PDF reports that summarize analyses in a visual and concise way.
Typical reports include image orientations (coronal, sagittal, etc.) with clearly marked lesions or other relevant features, with tables capturing the main quantitative outputs on measurements including region volumes, number of lesions or longitudinal changes.
Easily export quantification results in CSV format.
Communicate Trial Outcomes Easily and Effectively with High Quality Automated Visual Reports
Communicate Trial Outcomes Easily and Effectively with High Quality Automated Visual Reports

Simple Trial Setup

  • Flexibly set up your trial locations, sites, timepoints and subjects globally.
  • Create automated personalized and team workflows
  • Control data visibility,  operations and optimize team collaboration with customizable access & location settings

Easy, Advanced Analytics

  • Apply the AI Biomarker Tools and biostatistical analyses needed and make longitudinal comparisons to objectively measure treatment efficacy over time
  • Access the most advanced neuroimaging data sets, with over 10 million images exchanged or stored on our platform to date

Rapid Site Set-Up and Patient Controls

  • Quickly set-up, calibrate and validate sites globally, irrespective of modality, vendor and model.
  • Utilize disease biomarker analyses to improve patient inclusion or exclusion eligibility
  • Reduce costly patient drop out with fast patient rescanning requests

Smart Data Collection & Management

  • Simply and easily upload data via AI powered drag and drop browser upload, our batch file AI Uploader Tool, Python API, EDC or PACS Nexus integration
  • Automatically aggregate, anonymize, quality assess and classify large amounts of multi-modal and multi-vendor imaging and associated clinical data
  • Transfer data between sites & CRO in a compliant and secure manner

Highest Standards of Compliance

  • Compliance and security certifications are built-in: FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & 820, Annex 11, GDPR, IEC 62304, ISO 13485:2016 and HIPAA
  • Integrated Personal Health Information compliance with de-identification done within your firewall, automated removal of DICOM tags, offset dates and image de-facing
  • Audited and approved vendor for CROs

Expert Guidance & Support

  • Our solutions are purpose-built by neuroimaging and data science experts.
  • We offer high quality Central Reading Services easily facilitated using our network or expert radiologists or your own
  • Our highly credentialed team of experts are always on hand to ensure your trial is set up for success and to help improve your outcomes


Cost savings in imaging collection and storage (3)


Cost savings in advanced image analysis (4)


Time savings by automated advanced image analysis (up to 98%) (5)


Site burden reduction (6)
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