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Imaging Biometrics and QMENTA are joining their forces via QMENTA's SDK to accelerate neuroscience research and increase accuracy in diagnostics support.

Imaging Biometrics will integrate all IB modules; IB Neuro, IB Delta T1 Maps, IB Diffusion, and IB DCE on the cloud-based QMENTA platform that provides advanced data analysis and management for neuro experts.

The integration of IB’s FDA cleared software on the QMENTA platform is carried out through its Software Development Kit (SDK).

Imaging Biometrics develops and provides visualization and analytical solutions that enable clinicians to better diagnose and treat diseases with greater confidence.

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Quantib and QMENTA are working together as experts in their respective areas to create a decision support system for stroke.

Our aim is to optimize clinical decision making for patients with ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke in the acute stage and thus improve patient outcome.

QMENTA’s expertise in cloud platform, image processing, and machine learning, combined with the state-of-the-art algorithms of Quantib, will enable us to provide objective, automated, and fast quantitative analysis of CT data via the cloud.

The project, funded by Eurostars grant, will be completed in October 2019.

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Imosphere and QMENTA are bringing their platforms together to offer a complementary solution in healthcare data management and analytics.

Imosphere provides “Atmolytics”, an elegant and user-friendly analytics platform that can integrate data from multiple sources in the healthcare system, capturing all information on patient’s journey in clinical care or trials, from medications to observations.

QMENTA’s solution complements this encompassing approach with the addition of its imaging capabilities into the equation.

Doctors and investigators will be able to have all information at their fingertips, explorable in an easy way using advanced techniques of data mining. We believe that the partnership will advance diagnosis and prognosis of patients which will allow doctors and investigators to easily analyze large datasets to discover trends, improve treatment quality and outcomes.

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