Run your research project in an efficient, fast and reliable way. Share data safely, use advanced biomarkers in a scalable infrastructure.

State-of-the-art image processing techniques


Experts lack access to state-of-the-art image processing techniques and scalable local infrastructures with high computing power for their research projects due to budgetary/resource limitations.

Data preparation, management, and image analysis


Researchers have to spend weeks on manual data preparation, management, and image analysis, using local infrastructure which isn’t designed to scale and using methods which are not user friendly and difficult to reproduce.

Collaboration & reproducibility

Collaboration & reproducibility

Collaboration is the key to the advancement of research. Unfortunately, most investigators do not have the technical means to share data, methods, or results with their project members across different organizations in a secure manner, which in turn hinders their collaborative work.


QMENTA AI Reader allows experts to use a scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure to minimize their resource investment and to allow them to easily share data, results and methods with collaborators in a secure manner across jurisdictions.

Investigators can automate their manual & time-consuming work of image aggregation, organization, recognition with QMENTA AI Reader. This, in turn, accelerates their advanced data analysis using a wide array of state-of-the-art algorithms available for different diseases and modalities. The scalable and convenient use of the algorithms saves them valuable time while providing them quantitative evidence for their projects.

Result-driven technology


Time savings by automated advanced image analysis (1)


Cost savings in imaging collection and storage (2)

Neuro AI Tools

QMENTA Labs users get access to the newest & most widely used imaging biomarkers to provide quantitative and longitudinal evidence for the project in order to accelerate the research workflow of experts. The one-click & batch processing capabilities of QMENTA AI Reader saves valuable time and resources, bolstering reproducibility of the methods.


QMENTA’s SDK, a special environment for QMENTA Labs users, allows experts to easily develop, test, and run their algorithms in QMENTA’s scalable, secure, and compliant cloud environment, eliminating the need for expensive local computing resources. This allows methods’ developers to share, benchmark and validate their algorithms while increasing their visibility and helping them monetize their IP.

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  1. Comparing hours spent by radiologist vs. tool compute time
  2. QMENTA calculation compared to cost of local computational resources