Run your imaging trial in an efficient, fast and reliable way. Create your own workflow, share data safely, and plug-in any imaging biomarker you want.


We know how complex clinical trials are.

Suitable Trials patients and sites


Trial costs can reach millions of dollars with increasing complexity, difficulties in finding and retaining suitable patients and sites and constant delays.

Clinical Trials | Time and money


Successful completion of a clinical trial can take years. On top of that, most trials experience delays of more than a month, which causes losses of valuable time and money. (1)

Trials | Efficacy of the treatment

Low success

More than 92% of trials on CNS diseases fail (2). Objective and quantified measures can help prove the efficacy of the treatment and show longitudinal improvements of the patient’s brain.


QMENTA AI Reader can ensure the success of the trial by helping experts to choose the patients at the correct stage of the disease and by qualitatively proving the efficacy of the treatment over the course of the trial using QMENTA’s state-of-the-art Neuro AI algorithms.

QMENTA Trials workflow saves substantial time and resources for the sponsor & CRO by automating manual work of experts, optimizing the use of resources, and minimizing site burden.

Result-driven technology


Cost savings in imaging collection and storage (3)


Cost savings in advanced image analysis (4)


Time savings by automated advanced image analysis (up to 98%) (5)


Site burden reduction (6)

QMENTA AI Reader at Each Step of the Trial

Custom-made Trial Setup

  • Create your personalized imaging workflow with our experts
  • Optimize project management with customizable structure and expert consulting on imaging protocols

Accurate Patient and Site Selection

  • Ensure highest image quality with batch upload and automatic QA of site images
  • Select the most suitable patients at the right stage with QMENTA Neuro AI tools

Smart Data Collection

  • Transfer data between sites & CRO in a compliant and secure manner
  • Aggregate, anonymize, and classify large amounts of multi-modal data from all vendors
  • Enhance collaboration with customizable access & location settings

Easy Data Analytics

  • Get unique insight for reliable and robust diagnostics, prognosis and monitoring with QMENTA Neuro AI tools
  • Ensure quality of data at any stage of the workflow with automated QC steps
  • Plug in the AI biomarker you want and run longitudinal comparisons to objectively measure treatment efficacy over time

Streamlined Reporting

  • Get pager-format PDF reports summarizing patient information and disease state with slice view & tables for quantification
  • Export quantification results in CSV format

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