Software Development Kit (SDK)

At QMENTA, we have designed a Software Development Kit (SDK) for researchers to plug-in, store, and run their own tools & pipelines on the
QMENTA platform.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Easily develop, test and run tools in a scalable cloud environment

Neuroimaging community

Quickly share your tools & workflows with the neuroimaging community 

Monetize AI Tools

Distribute and monetize your research with a simple revenue-sharing model

Develop, share and distribute algorithms

Our SDK allows you to:

  • Run Docker containers with custom tools in fully portable environments 

  • Benchmark your algorithms

  • Replicate workflows

  • Bridge the gap between computer science and clinical research in practice 

  • Create more added-value for your research with citations

  • Use QMENTA Platform’s infrastructure for data storage, transfer, processing, and visualization, thus easily manage computational resources

  • Run your tools & workflows in a privacy regulations compliant and secure environment 

How it works

Researchers use Docker images with a pre-installed neuroimaging development environment which:

  • Eliminates tedious virtual machine setup and the need to build/maintain a local cluster

  • Combines public/open resources: NeuroDebian, Jupyter notebooks, and QMENTA API as desired

  • Integrates data warehousing and processing with QMENTA API

neuroimaging development environment



Who owns the IP?

Intellectual Property ownership stays with the owner/developer of the tool at all times. QMENTA will be marketing, distributing and selling the tool with the partner. 


What infrastructure do I need?

No infrastructure is necessary. As a developer, you will have developer access to the QMENTA cloud platform with a certain capacity of data storage and processing on the cloud. You will be able to use the QMENTA platform to unlimitedly share your tool & data with your collaborators at specified access levels. 


Where do I start?

The owner of the tool is given developer access to QMENTA platform which allows them to create and manage new tools. This includes the ability to define how the tool is presented, shared, and configured. You can find more detailed info in the SDK documentation.


Can I commercialize my tool?

Yes, of course. With regards to the customized revenue-sharing agreement signed between parties, both QMENTA and the developer can commercialize the tool with the revenue being shared at specified levels.


How can I contribute my tool to the scientific community?

You can easily share your tool with specified team of scientists, collaborators who will be able to cite your tools. Researchers will be able to ask for access to your tool regarding a specific project they are working on. You can also make your tool public where all users will be required to cite the tool used for analysis in their publications or other scientific work. Your ownership information & conditions of use can be referenced in the description of the tool.

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