BARCELONA – November 29, 2016. The need for advanced analytics of neuroimages augments each day with the increasing prevalence of difficult-to-diagnose neurological disorders. Early and accurate diagnosis is crucial for patients and for the development of viable treatments.

Mint Labs is excited to announce its license agreement with Oxford University Innovation, the research commercialization company of the University of Oxford to incorporate FSL brain mapping software in the pipelines of its platform.

FSL is a package of tools used for advanced analysis of brain MRIs including functional MRIs (FEAT, BASIL, MELODIC…), structural MRIs (BET, FAST, SIENA & SIENAX, …), diffusion MRIs (FDT, TOPUP, …), GLM/Stats (Randomize, Cluster, Dual Regression, …), and many more.

“FSL’s tools are widely known to the neuroimaging community, and it’s great that we can share them with our users,” the company’s CEO, Dr. Paulo Rodrigues, said. “I believe that this will boost standardization across neuroimaging research and will foster the translation of complex methods to a wider audience.”

We hope that this is the start of a very productive agreement to advance developments within the medical community.

We are very pleased to work with Mint Labs in offering FSL to their users the Head of the FMRIB Analysis Group at the University of Oxford and the FSL project, Prof Steve Smith, said. For more information on the FSL tools, please visit here.