The QMENTA AI Tools Catalog and Disease Biomarker Packages is a first in industry solution that aggregates and curates industry standard and proprietary AI tools.

Boston, MA – September 30, 2021 – QMENTA announced today the launch of its AI Tools Catalog, a world-leading set of neurology-focused AI (Artificial Intelligence) imaging analysis tools that will advance the fight against brain diseases. These publicly available algorithms provide objective neurological disease diagnosis, brain structure change and disease progression tracking and endpoint identification for use in neuro research, clinical trial execution and ultimately patient care. In addition to one-stop access to best-in-class algorithms, these multiple point solutions are integrated and unified into disease-specific Biomarker Packages, initially launching for Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Neuro-oncology, making the choice of optimal algorithms clear and simple. 

“In the past years there has been the emergence of brilliant AI tools and biomarker algorithms from leading research institutions and AI innovators around the globe. But these have been complex tools, built by engineers for engineers. Our goal is to make this game-changing technology accessible and embedded in the daily workflows of the experts. Our PhD level experts curate the catalog to ensure the highest levels of scientific validation,” commented Paulo Rodrigues, CTO and Co-Founder, QMENTA. 

The coherent set of tools in the catalog currently includes 53 industry gold standard and proprietary AI biomarker neuroimaging analysis algorithms, with over 20 more cutting edge tools soon to be added. The solution also provides a Software Development Kit so that developers of algorithms can easily and rapidly port approved novel AI models to the catalog. 

The disease biomarker packages provide a set of related tools that can be combined with each other for more in-depth and multi-factorial understanding of CNS diseases,” said QMENTA CEO Vesna Prchkovska, PhD. “Both the catalog and biomarker packages can easily be expanded to address other therapeutic and disease areas beyond neurology,” she added. 

Key benefits of the AI Tools Catalog for the neurology field include: 

  • World leading market-place for democratization and distribution of innovative AI tools

  • Consolidated access to globally curated and scientifically verified Best-in-Class algorithms

  • Searchable by disease area, biomarker type and regulatory clearance

  • Confidence in algorithm performance and provenance with clear source referencing

  • All tools are easily executable directly on the QMENTA platform, allowing users to run and combine multiple AI Tools outputs simultaneously

  • More cost-effective for life sciences than purchasing multiple point solutions, with one single platform and a dedicated and expert support team.


QMENTA is on a mission to empower breakthroughs that make brain diseases a thing of the past through advanced imaging and data management and AI-powered neuroimaging analysis. The company’s AI-powered cloud digital platform streamlines big data aggregation, compliance, collaboration and analysis to improve outcomes for neurology research, clinical trials and clinical care faster and at lower cost and higher quality. Additionally, QMENTA Neuro Data Services significantly augment the value of complex neuroimaging, real world patient and clinical data making it highly usable. QMENTA clients include leading life sciences companies, CROs, research institutions, healthcare providers, imaging companies and AI developers. QMENTA is a privately held, venture backed company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

The company was named the Stevie Awards Gold winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Silver Award Winner for Startup of the Year in September 2021 and “Best New Radiology Vendor” in 2017 by Aunt Minnie and was a European Winner for Accenture’s Healthtech Innovation Challenge and won the Sanofi Tech Lab challenge. Learn more at: