Sucessfully passed to 2nd phase FICHe grant for novel work on Quantification and Analytics for Parkinson’s disease


Mint Labs’ team is happy to announce that as result of the first phase of Future Internet CHallenge eHealth (FICHe) we have been selected as one of the top 40 proposals to enter Phase 2 of the FICHe accelerator program and to receive the Phase 2 Grant. Phase 2 will start on 7th of April 2015 and will be focused on building a Proof of Concept.

The Independent Review Committee (IRC) judged each category (eHealth, Technical, FIWARE and Team). “We are very excited to receive the support and confidence of the EU commission for our work. Using our technology, brain imaging and Mint Labs’ cloud platform we will identify early changes in the movement pattern and neurological activities of subjects at risks of Parkinson’s Disease”, commented Paulo Rodrigues.

Congratulations to the rest of the 40 teams that made it to the second round!