#ConquerCovid - help detect, track and guide treatment with medical imaging

To defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need to gather, analyze, and share medical data from around the world to not only optimize care for afflicted patients right now, but also to accelerate the identification of better treatments and, hopefully, preventative vaccines in the near future.

QMENTA’s core technology is a key weapon that can help everyone… patients, doctors, hospitals, drug developers, researchers... engaged in the fight.

QMENTA’s cloud-based medical image archiving, curation, and sharing solution is ready at this very moment to serve as the world’s repository for COVID-19 chest CTs, X-rays, and even ultrasound images. With thousands of disease-specific images centralized in one database alongside our existing bank of normative images, the world’s deep learning experts can quickly develop much needed AI tools to rapidly and accurately detect and track the effects of the virus at the individual patient level. Other platform capabilities empower drug developers to fully mobilize medical imaging in their COVID clinical trials and front-line physicians to better treat their patients. What’s more, for the duration of the pandemic, QMENTA’s cloud platform is available for free to battle the virus!

Let’s work together to #ConquerCovid!

Harness the sophisticated power of medical imaging to detect, track, and guide treatment for COVID-19

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Datasets currently available:

COVID-19 – covid-chestxray-dataset (360)

COVID-19 – Kaggle: Chest X-ray (normal) (1583)

COVID-19 – CT segmentation dataset (110)

COVID-19 – CT-Data (746)

COVID-19 – RSNA Pneumonia Detection Challenge (29684)

COVID-19 – CT scans and expert segmentations of patients with COVID-19 (80)

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