Upcoming Webinar: Innovation and Digital Transformation in Biopharma

In this webinar our visionary panel will explore the transformation imperative for life sciences and healthcare companies to adopt digitalization and advanced data science and analytical techniques in research, clinical development and care delivery. They’ll discuss best practices we see taking place thus far and the benefits they offer, as well as other ideas on key steps leaders can take to shift their particular business paradigm. Neurology in particular is an area ripe for change where many diseases such as Alzheimer’s have been treatment stagnated. There has been an explosion of neuroimaging (brain) data with advances in radiological techniques and accessibility. That data, combined with ever more accessible clinical (EHR), genomic and real world data and its inherent complexity and volume make it ripe for the application of modern approaches in order to make strides in medicines to treat the vast disease areas it encompasses. Organizations need to be able to evolve, integrate and communicate together effectively to take advantage of digital transformation. Come hear from our experts on their own case studies, or how they have helped others tackle these realities by putting in place actionable strategies for change.

Webinar: Innovation and Digital Transformation in Biopharma

Webinar: Neurology Clinical Trials Are Failing. How Can We Fix Them?

One billion people worldwide suffer from neurological related disorders with limited therapy options. Over 2000 neurological clinical trials start each year in the US alone. Yet, it is estimated that only 5.9% of Phase I neurology drugs are likely to get FDA approval.

Research innovation such as new biomarkers or advanced algorithms often do not get translated into clinical practice, slowing progress. Adding to that, the scale, inefficiency and subjectivity of neurological clinical trials makes them inherently difficult. Neuroimaging analysis is key to developing new therapies for brain disease but it’s difficult to do.

In this webinar, hear from our esteemed panel of experts who work across the life sciences research, development and care spectrum how clinical research leaders can take key steps now to transform the way they conduct neuroimaging based clinical trials to position them for success.

Webinar: Turbo-charging Neurology Research into Clinical Practice

Translation of neurology research advances into clinical practice is challenged by the difficulty of compliantly collecting, calibrating and processing large scale brain image and related data to derive patient insights.

During this webinar, an esteemed panel of neurology key opinion leaders and innovators discussed how neurology researchers, AI-tool developers and innovative technology companies can collaborate to turbo-charge the transfer of brain research into clinical practice.

Webinar: Effects of COVID on people with MS

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, the questions from people affected by Multiple sclerosis (MS) and the clinicians who treat them only become more urgent.

QMENTA has been working with MS Data Alliance (MSDA) and MS International Federation (MSIF) in the MS Global Data Sharing Initiative to collect patient data in order to study how COVID-19 is affecting people who suffer from Multiple sclerosis (MS). 

On Wednesday 8th July, 2020 a webinar session was held, where Dr. Liesbet Peeters from the MS Data Alliance (MSDA), Dr. Clare Walton from MS International Federation (MSIF) presented the first preliminary results of the initiative. Dr. Pablo Villoslada from Stanford University joined them in a panel discussion to discuss how big data is helping to investigate how COVID-19 affects the people who suffer from MS.

Webinar: IronTract Challenge Round II

The IronTract Challenge has been extended for a second round and is now accepting new participants. The best pre- and post-processing strategies from the highest-scoring teams in Round I will now be provided to all teams. This new challenge focuses on the reproducibility upstream to the reconstruction and tractography methods.

A live webinar was held on Friday, October 9th, 2020 where Anastasia Yendiki and Chiara Maffei from Harvard Medical School gave a brief summary of the previous round and explained how to participate in the second round of the IronTract Challenge. 

Gabriel from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, one of the winners of the first round, gave a tutorial on how to submit your code to the QMENTA Inc‘s platform.