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Make sure you concentrate your resources on the most important thing: achieving optimal trial results. We focus on freeing up time and resources from your team, reducing site-burden by up to 75% and getting your imaging costs in the trial down to 50%.*replica watches

AI-driven imaging insights for fast & accurate decision-making

Using machine learning and deep neuroimaging knowledge, our FDA cleared algorithms provide automated analysis of large amounts of image data, generating a wide range of biomarkers for the study of the most relevant CNS diseases.

Speed up and ease data aggregation and management

Clinical researchers shouldn’t have to spend time and resources on fixing data issues that technology was built to handle. Add large amounts of data from multiple places with just one click and have them automatically anonymized, identified and classified according to your QC standards. Generate statistics and reports to visualize data aggregation and analysis results from anywhere and within seconds.

Workflow efficiency and improvement through imaging

Whether patient recruitment, site selection, standardized multi-site data management or drug efficacy measurement over time, we handle the complete imaging part of your trial, from planning and simulating the study to deciding on its efficacy based on imaging data analysis.

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The use of QMENTA's platform has allowed us to remain flexible during the planning and activation stage of our Alzheimer's disease clinical trial. The scalability and ease of use of their service has allowed us to grow and adapt the study as needed. QMENTA streamlines the standardization, collection, and storage elements of multi-center imaging, taking on responsibilities that are typically the job of MRI technicians and sponsors. QMENTA has reduced the costs of MR imaging collection and storage in the trial by approximately 50% and has reduced site burden by an estimated 75%. Coupling these savings with streamlined back-end analysis tools has been a tremendous help keeping our trial on budget and on time.

Kent LeslieCEO of Amylyx Pharmaceuticals

Our partnership with QMENTA enables efficient and immediate access to our quantitative imaging solutions to those involved in clinical trials and research. It is exciting to be part of QMENTA’s neuro-centric platform and helping advance the understanding of neurological disorders.

Michael SchmaindaPresident & CEO at Imaging Biometrics

QMENTA solutions fill a significant unmet need for all researchers and clinicians working with imaging. In imaging studies from patients with Multiple Sclerosis, their solution for obtaining the brain connectome, quantifying brain damage and related it with clinical scores is outstanding, and it is going to solve many clinically relevant questions. In addition, I envision QMENTA solutions are going to be extremely useful in clinical practice and for conducting clinical trials developing new drugs for MS.

Pablo Villoslada Diaz, MD, PhDSenior Researcher IDIBAPS; Founder & Scientific Advisor Bionure; Adjunct Professor UCSF

My lab has been working with QMENTA primarily for developing a new treatment for Down syndrome using MRI at pre-clinical validation with mice models. Their platform is necessary to accelerate the discoveries in the field and will have a very large impact. The platform that they provide is a great tool for data management and processing. It is very flexible and efficient, providing quick answers to our research questions. We feel very comfortable and satisfied to work with the team, given their scientific approach that turns their product as a partner, rather than just a tool.

Mara Dierssen, MD, PhDSystems Biology Program at a large center for genomics investigations

This technology changes dramatically the way we understand these diseases, and help us determine which parts of the brain are not working properly. We are using these quantification tools to detect easier which brain regions are damaged and help us find better and personalized treatments for our patients.

Angels García-Cazorla, MD, PhDPrincipal Investigator at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

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September 27, 2018

QMENTA to exhibit at ECTRIMS in Berlin, RSNA in Chicago & PCT in Barcelona

September 13, 2018

QMENTA will provide Data Management and Analysis Services for Amylyx PEGASUS Clinical Trial of AMX0035 for Alzheimer’s Disease

June 14, 2018

Imaging Biometrics and QMENTA Announce a Partnership to Increase Accuracy in Research.

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