QMENTA Partners with mediaire to Transform Brain Research 

Adds AI-Powered MDBrain Algorithm to QMENTA Trials Platform


Barcelona, Spain. 12 March 2020. For immediate release.  QMENTA, a leading innovator in cloud-based, AI solutions for medical imaging, today announced a new partnership with mediaire, an AI software developer focused on improving radiology workflows with more efficient and quantitative analytical tools.  In the partnership, mediaire’s CE-marked mdbrain algorithm will be integrated into the existing library of state of the art biomarkers on QMENTA® Trials, a platform designed to enable experts to more effectively, efficiently and quantitatively research the safety and efficacy of treatments for brain diseases. The mdbrain algorithm provides in-depth insights into volumetry levels and lesion segmentation, key measurements for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others. The tool developed by mediaire demonstrated superior performance and sensitivity/specificity as well as far superior evaluation times when compared to previously available, open-source biomarkers1.

Research into brain disease is currently limited by a shortage of analytical tools that provide objective, quantitative, and consistent measurements of both the extent and progression of brain pathology. Currently, image analyses are carried out manually by researchers and clinical trial investigators, often leading to subjective, inconsistent and unreliable results.  Further, the manual approach is slow and cumbersome, leading to delayed clinical trials, higher-cost drug development, and fewer treatments for patients with brain diseases. 

“The addition of mediaire’s mdbrain algorithm presents a great opportunity for users of QMENTA® Trials. The algorithm empowers clinical trial investigators around the world to carry out their analyses with higher levels of speed, precision, and accuracy. QMENTA is extremely excited to continue expanding its arsenal of AI-powered tools for the clinical trial community, and we are positive the partnership with mediaire will prove of great value for research into brain diseases.” said Rob Bancroft CEO at QMENTA.  

Commenting on behalf of mediaire, Dr. Andreas Lemke, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“QMENTA  has built a strong reputation for providing industry-leading technologies that accelerate and improve clinical trials that use medical imaging. By partnering with QMENTA, mediaire is taking an important step in expanding the use of mdbrain beyond its current application in routine clinical practice in Europe.   Now, mdbrain will also become an important tool for brain disease clinical trials anywhere in the world.”



QMENTA transforms the speed, accuracy, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of diagnostic neuroimaging to accelerate the conquest of brain diseases.  

Founded in 2013, the company provides a best-in-class, cloud-based data management platform that houses its proprietary AI-powered biomarker algorithms as well as a marketplace of partnered algorithms.  The platform streamlines the highly fragmented and tedious process of managing, harmonizing, and sharing complex neuroimaging data.  The broad array of algorithms provide objective, highly precise, and reproducible quantification of a variety of pathologies that today’s subjective image reading approaches cannot match.  QMENTA® Trials was developed for Biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of new therapies for neurological diseases by streamlining the use of neuroimages in clinical trials.   QMENTA® Labs enables universities and global research consortia to easily standardize, curate, and analyze massive levels of neuroimaging data in one place.  Together, QMENTA’s integrated solutions empower researchers and clinicians to harness complex neuroimaging data with certainty and speed, leading to faster and more efficient drug development and better-informed patient diagnosis and treatment decisions. 

Headquartered in Boston USA with an office in Barcelona, QMENTA consists of an international team of neuroimaging, software, and deep learning experts.


About mediaire 

mediaire‘s mission is to improve the workflow of radiologists by more efficient quantitative image analysis. 

Innovative software solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) enable us to analyse medical images in an increasing number of therapeutic areas and in a highly efficient way. As a consequence, the complex and demanding daily routine of Radiologists with increasing workload will be supported and facilitated – to the benefit of their patients who experience an improved quality & speed of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

With a fair pricing model we also want to ensure that our customers do not have to make a trade-off between quality and costs.

mediaire was founded in 2018 in Berlin by Dr. Andreas Lemke and Dr. Jörg Döpfert – both physicists with a background in MRI physics. Besides their scientific work in that area, both also gained broad experience in programming AI-powered software solutions in different businesses, including automotive and public transport. Since founding HQ-imaging in 2015, Andreas, in particular, has committed himself to MRI- quality assurance as well as to sequence and workflow optimization. Moreover, he gained deep experience in authorization procedures of medical products in his last position at Bosch.

The real founding history however, dates back to 2009 when the scientific paths of Andreas and Jörg crossed several times with the renowned radiologist Prof. Henrik Michaely. Coming from different backgrounds and discovering that each had the same goal, the idea of a scientifically and economically successful high-tech product took shape – a software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allows a highly efficient analysis of medical imaging data in Radiology to support radiologists in their daily routine.

Despite its relatively short business life mediaire has already won a number of highly regarded competitions, including the GoogleCloud StartUp Pitch, the Science4Life Venture Cup, the Deep Tech Award and the German national competition „digital innovation “. 

Since February 2020 mediaire came 2nd in the German StartUp-ranking.

On 21 January 2019 mediaire was officially certified as the provider of medical products as per DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 which enables its product mdbrain to be commercialized in Europe with a CE mark.




Kat Henshaw

Marketing Associate



1 md brain .vs. FreeSurfer: Repeatability and performance measurements in brain volumetry.