QMENTA Launches Medical Imaging AI Initiative In COVID-19 Battle

New Initiative Follows COVID-19 Partnership in Multiple sclerosis.


2 April 2020, Barcelona. For immediate release. QMENTA, a leading innovator in cloud-based, AI solutions for medical imaging, today announced the launch of #ConquerCovid, a collaborative, time-sensitive initiative designed to help the global medical community fight the COVID-19 pandemic.  This new initiative follows QMENTA’s partnership in the Global Data Sharing Initiative with the Multiple Sclerosis Data Alliance (MSDA) and the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) to investigate the effects of COVID-19 on patients with MS, announced yesterday.  

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to escalate rapidly, immediately optimizing care for afflicted patients, rapidly identifying better treatments, and accelerating the development of preventative vaccines have all become top global priorities.  Medical imaging, already used around the world in the diagnosis and tracking of many diseases, is essential to each. CT scans, for example, are being used in the care of COVID-19 patients for differential diagnosis, to understand/track complications, and to confirm pulmonary involvement to see if treatment should be adjusted.  New studies have also shown CT scans and Ultrasound imaging are key diagnostic tools for doctors treating patients suffering from a severe strain. (1)

In the #ConquerCovid initiative, QMENTA will donate its AI-powered, cloud-based data integration platform to serve as the central repository for medical imaging data collection and analysis throughout the course of the pandemic.  Health systems, physicians, researchers, and deep learning experts from around the world are invited to collaborate by uploading their COVID-19 medical images or connecting with QMENTA to rapidly develop AI tools that automatically detect, classify, and quantify infections caused by the virus.  

“The COVID-19 epidemic is a threat to all of us and is compelling doctors, hospitals, and researchers to work day and night to better understand the disease and improve patient care. To help them, we urgently need to centralize, share and analyze data from around the world.  QMENTA can help, and we invite others to join us to #ConquerCovid,” said Rob Bancroft, QMENTA CEO.

The QMENTA platform is ready now to centralize an unlimited number of disease-specific chest CTs, X-rays, and Ultrasound images in one database alongside an existing bank of normative images. This will make the process of uploading images and collaborating easier and faster than ever before and allows the world’s deep learning experts to quickly develop much needed AI tools to rapidly and accurately detect and track the virus at the individual patient level.  

To get involved and join the fight or find out more, visit: https://www.qmenta.com/conquercovid/


QMENTA transforms the speed, accuracy, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of diagnostic neuroimaging to accelerate the conquest of brain diseases.  

Founded in 2013, the company provides a best-in-class, cloud-based data management platform that houses its proprietary AI-powered biomarker algorithms as well as a marketplace of partnered algorithms.  The platform streamlines the highly fragmented and tedious process of managing, harmonizing, and sharing complex neuroimaging data.  The broad array of algorithms provide objective, highly precise, and reproducible quantification of a variety of pathologies that today’s subjective image reading approaches cannot match.  QMENTA Trials was developed for Biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of new therapies for neurological diseases by streamlining the use of neuroimages in clinical trials.   QMENTA Labs enables universities and global research consortia to easily standardize, curate, and analyze massive levels of neuroimaging data in one place.  Together, QMENTA’s integrated solutions empower researchers and clinicians to harness complex neuroimaging data with certainty and speed, leading to faster and more efficient drug development and better-informed patient diagnosis and treatment decisions. 

Headquartered in Boston USA with an office in Barcelona, QMENTA consists of an international team of neuroimaging, software, and deep learning experts.


(1)Correlation of Chest CT and RT-PCR Testing in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in China: A Report of 1014 Cases

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